Please see below changes from week commencing 19th of July as per government announcement:
• All golf furniture will be returned for normal use – bunker rakes, ball washer and standard hole cups. We would still like to ask you to not remove the flagsticks where possible.
• All practice areas will return to pre-pandemic operation.
• Changing facilities and other indoor areas will revert to pre-pandemic operation. Shower rooms will be opened, but towels will not be provided.
• Masks are no longer compulsory, however they are still recommended to be worn indoors.
• Clubhouse will return to pre-pandemic operation before and after your round.
• We would still ask you to respect social distancing on and off the course.

Marking and Completing Cards

In relation to the changes from week commencing 19th of July, as well as all golf furniture being in full use (bunker rakes, ball washer and standard hole cups), may we also advise the handling and submitting of scorecards can return to how it was pre-pandemic but this is done at members discretion.

If you don’t feel comfortable handling other players scorecards, then please make sure the score card is fully completed with the markers name and membership number present.

Over the coming weeks, we will start using new scorecards which include WHS information boxes for your handicaps. Again, please make sure all this information is present on your card to assist with administration.

Cards which are not completed correctly, may not be accepted by the Competitions Secretary for process.