DIARY 2022 – 23


Ladies Day is Tuesday and the first tee is reserved from 9am to 9:45am

Seniors Day is Wednesday and the first tee is reserved from 8:30am to 9:30am

Grovers runs on Thursday afternoons from April to October and the first tee is reserved from 4pm to 6pm

APRIL 2022 
Friday, April 01 
Saturday, April 02Spring Texas Scramble, Captains Drive in, Draw for Summer Knockouts
Sunday, April 03 
Monday, April 04 
Tuesday, April 05 
Wednesday, April 06 
Thursday, April 07Grovers 7 holes
Friday, April 08 
Saturday, April 09Mens Monthly Medal
Sunday, April 10Mens Monthly Medal
Monday, April 11 
Tuesday, April 12R&A Coronation Foursomes
Wednesday, April 13 
Thursday, April 14Grovers 9 holes
Friday, April 15GOOD FRIDAY
Saturday, April 16Tigers and Rabbits
Sunday, April 17
Monday, April 18EASTER MONDAY, Bank Holiday Stableford (Mixed)
Tuesday, April 19 
Wednesday, April 20 
Thursday, April 21Grovers 9 holes
Friday, April 22 
Saturday, April 23Charity Stableford and Blind Pairs Day 1
Sunday, April 24Charity Stableford and Blind Pairs Day 2
Monday, April 25 
Tuesday, April 26Ladies Monthly Stableford
Wednesday, April 27Mens Midweek Stableford
Thursday, April 28Grovers 9 holes
Friday, April 29 
Saturday, April 30Mens Monthly Stableford
MAY 2022 
Sunday, May 01Mens Monthly Stableford
Monday, May 02BANK HOLIDAY, Bank Holiday Stableford
Tuesday, May 03Guides and Brownies, Ladies Monthly Stableford
Wednesday, May 04 
Thursday, May 05Grovers 9 holes
Friday, May 06 
Saturday, May 07The Manor of Groves Challenge Cup Day 1
Sunday, May 08The Manor of Groves Challenge Cup Day 2
Monday, May 09 
Tuesday, May 10The Manor of Groves Challenge Cup Day 3
Wednesday, May 11The Manor of Groves Challenge Cup Day 4
Thursday, May 12Grovers 9 holes
Friday, May 13 
Saturday, May 14Spring Cup,
Sunday, May 15Stableford Winners Cup, Junior Spring Cup
Monday, May 16 
Tuesday, May 17 Ladies Spring Trophy
Wednesday, May 18 
Thursday, May 19Grovers 9 holes
Friday, May 20 
Saturday, May 21Mens Monthly Medal
Sunday, May 22Mens Monthly Medal
Monday, May 23 
Tuesday, May 24Ladies Monthly Medal
Wednesday, May 25 
Thursday, May 26Grovers 9 holes
Friday, May 27 
Saturday, May 28Summer Texas Scramble 
Sunday, May 29
Monday, May 30 
Tuesday, May 31 
JUNE 2022 
Wednesday, June 01 
Thursday, June 02BANK HOLIDAY, Bank Holiday Stableford, Grovers 9 holes
Saturday, June 04Mens Monthly Stableford
Sunday, June 05Mens Monthly Stableford,,
Monday, June 06 
Tuesday, June 07Ladies Monthly Stableford
Wednesday, June 08Mens Midweek Stableford
Thursday, June 09Grovers 9 holes
Friday, June 10 
Saturday, June 11Mens Monthly Medal
Sunday, June 12Mens Monthly Medal 
Monday, June 13 
Tuesday, June 14Ping Womens Fourball
Wednesday, June 15 
Thursday, June 16Grovers 9 holes
Friday, June 17 
Saturday, June 18Mens Club Championship Handicap & Scratch – 36 holes – Day 1
Sunday, June 19Mens Club Championship Handicap & Scratch – 36 holes – Day 2
Monday, June 20 
Tuesday, June 21
Wednesday, June 22 
Thursday, June 23Grovers 9 holes
Friday, June 24 
Saturday, June 25Medal Winners Cup  
Sunday, June 26
Monday, June 27 
Tuesday, June 28Ladies Monthly Medal
Wednesday, June 29 
Thursday, June 30Grovers 9 holes
JULY 2022 
Friday, July 01 
Saturday, July 02The Herts Cup, The Rabbits Cup
Sunday, July 03 
Monday, July 04 
Tuesday, July 05Ladies Club Championship Day 1
Wednesday, July 06 
Thursday, July 07Grovers 9 holes
Friday, July 08 
Saturday, July 09Mens Monthly Stableford
Sunday, July 10Mens Monthly Stableford,,
Monday, July 11 
Tuesday, July 12Ladies Club Championship Day 2, Ladies Monthly Stableford
Wednesday, July 13PDH Pairs Open
Thursday, July 14Grovers 9 holes
Friday, July 15 
Saturday, July 16Mens Mothly Medal, Junior Monthly Medal
Sunday, July 17Mens Monthly Medal, Junior Monthly Medal
Monday, July 18 
Tuesday, July 19Ladies Better Ball Cup
Wednesday, July 20Mens Midweek Stableford, Peugeot Pairs
Thursday, July 21Grovers 9 holes
Friday, July 22 
Saturday, July 23Captains’ Day, Mens Monthly Medal
Sunday, July 24Mens Monthly Medal
Monday, July 25 
Tuesday, July 26Ladies Monthly Medal
Wednesday, July 27 
Thursday, July 28Grovers 9 holes
Friday, July 29 
Saturday, July 30 
Sunday, July 31 
AUGUST 2022 
Monday, August 01 
Tuesday, August 02Lady Captains Cup
Wednesday, August 03 
Thursday, August 04Grovers 9 holes
Friday, August 05 
Saturday, August 06Mens Monthly Stableford
Sunday, August 07 Walker Goodman Trophy
Monday, August 08 
Tuesday, August 09Ladies Monthly Stableford
Wednesday, August 10Mens Midweek Stableford
Thursday, August 11Grovers 9 holes
Friday, August 12 
Saturday, August 13The Generation Cup
Sunday, August 14 
Tuesday, August 16 
Wednesday, August 17Seniors Open
Thursday, August 18Grovers 9 holes
Friday, August 19 
Saturday, August 20Founders Cup, OCE Cup
Sunday, August 21Mens Monthly Medal
Monday, August 22 
Tuesday, August 23Ladies Monthly Medal
Wednesday, August 24 
Thursday, August 25Grovers 9 holes
Friday, August 26 
Saturday, August 27 
Sunday, August 28Autumn Texas Scamble, Draw for Winter Knockouts
Monday, August 29BANK HOLIDAY, Bank Holiday Stableford
Tuesday, August 30Nugent Rose Bowl
Wednesday, August 31 
Thursday, September 01Grovers 9 holes
Friday, September 02 
Saturday, September 03Autumn Chalice
Sunday, September 04 
Monday, September 05 
Tuesday, September 06 
Wednesday, September 07 
Thursday, September 08Grovers 9 holes
Friday, September 09 
Saturday, September 10Mens Monthly Stableford
Sunday, September 11Mens Monthly Stableford
Monday, September 12 
Tuesday, September 13Ladies Monthly Stableford
Wednesday, September 14Mens Midweek Club Championship
Thursday, September 15Grovers 7 holes
Friday, September 16 
Saturday, September 17Junior Club Championship
Sunday, September 18Captain’s Prize
Monday, September 19 
Tuesday, September 20Grandmothers Teapot
Wednesday, September 21 
Thursday, September 22Grovers 7 holes
Friday, September 23 
Saturday, September 24Mens Monthly Medal
Sunday, September 25Mens Monthly Medal
Monday, September 26 
Tuesday, September 27 
Wednesday, September 28Ladies Monthly Medal
Thursday, September 29Grovers 7 holes
Friday, September 30 
Saturday, October 01Grovers Day.
Sunday, October 02 
Monday, October 03 
Tuesday, October 04 
Wednesday, October 05 
Thursday, October 06 
Friday, October 07 
Saturday, October 08Junior Open, Mens Monthly Stableford
Sunday, October 09Mens Monthly Stableford
Monday, October 10 
Tuesday, October 11Ladies Monthly Stableford
Wednesday, October 12Mens Midweek Stableford
Thursday, October 13 
Friday, October 14 
Saturday, October 15 
Sunday, October 16 
Monday, October 17 
Tuesday, October 18 
Wednesday, October 19 
Thursday, October 20 
Friday, October 21 
Saturday, October 22Manor of Groves Memorial Trophy Day 1
Sunday, October 23Manor of Groves Memorial Trophy Day 2
Monday, October 24 
Tuesday, October 25Manor of Groves Memorial Trophy Day 3
Wednesday, October 26Manor of Groves Memorial Trophy Day 4
Thursday, October 27 
Friday, October 28 
Saturday, October 29Mens Monthly Stableford
Sunday, October 30Mens Monthly Stableford
Monday, October 31 
Tuesday, November 01Ladies Monthly Stableford
Wednesday, November 02Mens Midweek Stableford
Thursday, November 03 
Friday, November 04 
Saturday, November 05 
Sunday, November 06 
Monday, November 07 
Tuesday, November 08 
Wednesday, November 09 
Thursday, November 10 
Friday, November 11 
Saturday, November 12Mens Monthly Stableford
Sunday, November 13Mens Monthly Stableford
Monday, November 14 
Tuesday, November 15Ladies Monthly Stableford
Wednesday, November 16 
Thursday, November 17 
Friday, November 18 
Saturday, November 19 
Sunday, November 20 
Monday, November 21 
Tuesday, November 22 
Wednesday, November 23 
Thursday, November 24 
Friday, November 25 
Saturday, November 26Mens Monthly Stableford
Sunday, November 27Mens Monthly Stableford
Monday, November 28 
Tuesday, November 29Ladies Monthly Stableford
Wednesday, November 30 
Thursday, December 01 
Friday, December 02 
Saturday, December 03 
Sunday, December 04Christmas Texas Scramble
Monday, December 05 
Tuesday, December 06 
Wednesday, December 07 
Thursday, December 08 
Friday, December 09 
Saturday, December 10Mens Monthly Stableford
Sunday, December 11Mens Monthly Stableford
Monday, December 12 
Tuesday, December 13Ladies Monthly Stableford
Wednesday, December 14Mens Midweek Stableford
Thursday, December 15 
Friday, December 16 
Saturday, December 17 
Sunday, December 18 
Monday, December 19 
Tuesday, December 20 
Wednesday, December 21 
Thursday, December 22 
Friday, December 23 
Saturday, December 24
Sunday, December 25CHRISTMAS DAY
Monday, December 26BOXING DAY
Tuesday, December 27CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY
Wednesday, December 28 
Thursday, December 29 
Friday, December 30 
Saturday, December 31NEW YEARS EVE, Mens Monthly Stableford
Sunday, January 01NEW YEARS DAY, Mens Monthly Stableford
Monday, January 02NEW YEAR HOLIDAY
Tuesday, January 03Ladies Monthly Stableford
Wednesday, January 04Mens Midweek Stableford
Thursday, January 05 
Friday, January 06 
Saturday, January 07Golf Shop Cross Country Scramble
Sunday, January 08 
Monday, January 09 
Tuesday, January 10 
Wednesday, January 11 
Thursday, January 12 
Friday, January 13 
Saturday, January 14Mens Monthly Stableford
Sunday, January 15Mens Monthly Stableford
Monday, January 16 
Tuesday, January 17Ladies Monthly Stableford
Wednesday, January 18 
Thursday, January 19 
Friday, January 20 
Saturday, January 21Daily Mail Foursomes Qualifier
Sunday, January 22 
Monday, January 23 
Tuesday, January 24 
Wednesday, January 25 
Thursday, January 26 
Friday, January 27 
Saturday, January 28Mens Monthly Stableford
Sunday, January 29Mens Monthly Stableford
Monday, January 30 
Tuesday, January 31Ladies Monthly Stableford
Wednesday, February 01 
Thursday, February 02 
Friday, February 03 
Saturday, February 04Captains Choice Charity Team Competition
Sunday, February 05 
Monday, February 06 
Tuesday, February 07 
Wednesday, February 08 
Thursday, February 09 
Friday, February 10 
Saturday, February 11Mens Monthly Stableford
Sunday, February 12Mens Monthly Stableford,,
Monday, February 13 
Tuesday, February 14Ladies Monthly Stableford
Wednesday, February 15Mens Midweek Stableford
Thursday, February 16 
Friday, February 17 
Saturday, February 18Captains’ Team -v- Pros’ Team
Sunday, February 19 
Monday, February 20 
Tuesday, February 21 
Wednesday, February 22 
Thursday, February 23 
Friday, February 24 
Saturday, February 25Mens Monthly Medal
Sunday, February 26Mens Monthly Medal,
Tuesday, February 28 
MARCH 2023 
Wednesday, March 01 
Thursday, March 02 
Friday, March 03 Annual Black & White Night – date to be confirmed
Saturday, March 04 
Sunday, March 05 
Monday, March 06 
Tuesday, March 07 
Wednesday, March 08 
Thursday, March 09 
Friday, March 10 
Saturday, March 11Mens Monthly Stableford
Sunday, March 12Mens Monthly Stableford
Monday, March 13 
Tuesday, March 14Ladies Monthly Stableford, AGM
Wednesday, March 15Mens Midweek Stableford
Thursday, March 16
Friday, March 17 
Saturday, March 18 
Sunday, March 19 
Monday, March 20 
Tuesday, March 21 
Wednesday, March 22 
Thursday, March 23 
Friday, March 24 
Saturday, March 25Mens Monthly Stableford 
Sunday, March 26Mens Monthly Stableford 
Monday, March 27 
Tuesday, March 28Ladies Monthly Stableford 
Wednesday, March 29Mens Midweek Stableford 
Thursday, March 30 
Friday, March 31