Firstly our thanks to both the outgoing Captains, Gareth Thomas and Claudette Dromard and incoming Captains, Matt Glock and Jeanette Dedman for agreeing to stand for 18 months rather than the usual 12 because of the pandemic.

Saturday 2nd October 2021 saw the much delayed Captains Drive-In take place. A slight change this year, because the outgoing Captains, Gareth and Claudette were unable to have their drive-in they had a drive-out to end their year so they were able to enjoy the experience with friends and family.

Matt and Jeanette both drove-in to great cheers, we wish them both every success.

Jeanette has chosen the British Heart Foundation for her charity and Matt the

British Lung Foundation. (click on the charity names for their respective websites).

Gareth Thomas Drives-out
Claudette Dromard Drives-out
Matt Glock Drives-in
Jeanette Dedman Drives-in
Matt, Claudette, Jeanette and Gareth, outgoing Captains and incoming Captains